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New affiliate in Croatia


We are delighted to announce that Europarallel has recently opened one more affiliate in Zagreb, Croatia. In future this entity will cover the Slovenian market as well.


Throughout a decade of activities, Europarallel has always made its best efforts to accompany you across a growing number of Eastern European countries.

We gained your trust on our firm’s absolute commitment to quality, our impeccable and friendly service, and our endeavour to developing an even wider range of products from different markets.


Roberta Strasek was appointed General Manager of our Croatian affiliate. Roberta is a biochemist by training and obtained substantial experience from Abbott diagnostics, Wyeth OTC, as well as large local distributors in the fields of sales, marketing and Business Unit Management.


We sincerely believe that the trust you showed us all these years will again be fully justified with the addition of this new territory.



Europarallel team is ready to support you in your Croatian experience and filling your demands!



Europarallel - assessment from Coface


It is our great pleasure to announce the last analysis from Coface of EUROPARALLEL gathered us the best possible assessment, and a final note of 10/10!

Europarallel’s commitment to great service has been tested during the last decade. Our activities are based on our core values such as quality, expertise, long term relationships and trust.

Europarallel’s stability and credibility is further compounded and enhanced following the evaluation from Coface insurance.


Coface is a leading risk assessment organism present in 66 countries with more than 4,000 employees. Coface performs objective, neutral, and highly recognized analyses tracking the soundness and robustness of larger companies throughout the world.

Coface’ ultimate objective is to publish a creditworthiness statement, which in turn will be used as a base for banks to judge of the quality of the   companies they are dealing with.

Coface’s assessments are generally perceived as conservative and only very few companies receive notes above 8/10.


Today this acknowledgment from Coface is a mark of the respect that our company has gathered during its 10 years of existence.

Our company has worked hard to reach this recognition. We sincerely believe we deserve the trust of our partners and stakeholders, and are confident we will also find you agreeing after reading this little note! Quality and service are our guiding principles.


We wish to ensure you that, tomorrow as yesterday, we will continue to endeavor to deliver to all our partners the best we can do!




Lithuania joins the eurozone

Lithuania joins the euro area on 1 January 2015

On 1 January 2015 Lithuania became the 19th member state of the euro area, with euro coins and banknotes entering circulation on the same day. The country joined a number of euro area institutions and euro-related governance structures.

New affiliate in Romania

It's our honour to inform you that in our constant endeavour for customer satisfaction we have achieved yet another important milestone event with the inception of our new affiliate in Romania on November 2011.

Europarallel affiliate in Slovakia

It’s our pleasure to announce yet another milestone event in the development of Europarallel – the opening of our affiliate in Slovakia.
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Europarallel affiliate in Poland

We have the honour to inform you that in our constant quest for customer satisfaction we have achieved yet another important milestone event with the inception of our new affiliate in Poland on June 25th, 2009.
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Europarallel affiliate in Hungary

We are herewith pleased to announce a new important stage in the development of our company: on December 22th, 2008 an affiliate of Europarallel was incepted in Hungary.
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Europarallel affiliate in Czech Republic

On the 6th June 2008 we announced an important advance in the development of our company: an affiliate of Europarallel was opened in Czech Republic.
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Europarallel – member of EAEPC

It is a pleasure to announce that on the 19th of May, 2008 we joined the European Association of Euro-Pharmaceutical Companies (EAEPC). It is an acknowledgement of quality in pharmaceutical trading.